Using social to make ordering easier for Domino’s UK

Our Work

Social’s all about brand building and fuzzy metrics, right? Not anymore.

We Are Social’s innovation team has been working flat out this summer to bring a brand new direct order bot to life for Domino’s Pizza. @DOMThePizzaBot allows users to order pizzas directly within Facebook Messenger – without the faff of credit cards and delivery details.

@DOMThePizzaBot has already been attracting a lot of attention, with the likes of The Sun, The Mirror, Campaign and the Drum wanting a pizza the action (sorry, couldn’t resist). Anyone who has set up a free Easy Order profile can simply link to their Facebook account and from then on will be able to order their favourite pizza just by sending ‘pizza’ to Dom.

@DOMThePizzaBot is the latest in a new breed of chatbots which have been taking social by storm this year. Skyscanner’s chatbot takes the hard work out of searching for flights, and DoNotPay helps people to push back against unfair parking fines. There are even fictional chatbots to bring movie characters to life. But @DOMThePizzaBot is one of the first in the world to enable transactions directly within social media in the UK.

Why have Domino’s focussed their innovation on Facebook Messenger? Well, with one in four global internet users actively using the platform (Q2 2016, GWI), Domino’s made a smart choice. Chat Apps are fast becoming an integral part of the fabric of modern communication and are beginning to change the fundamentals of how consumers shop.

If you’d like to hear more about how we did it and you’re lucky enough to be at SXSW next year, then please vote for our panel with Domino’s, Facebook Messenger and Viber here.