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adidas Running: ultraBOOST Xeno


The brief was to build excitement around the new reflective adidas ultraBOOST Xeno shoe. The challenge was achieving cut through with runners and sneaker-heads that are inundated with new silhouettes, colourways and collabs on a daily basis. All with a limited budget and only two weeks to deliver and execute a concept.


For the modern runner, running has become a form of individual expression, helping them to achieve a new energy that helps them unlock their life goals, whatever they are. As such runners want to look good doing it, and they don’t want to be told what to wear.

These days runners and sneakerheads are inundated with new silhouettes, colour updates and collaborations on a daily basis. Our goal was to cut through that noise with a campaign that perfectly reflected their individualism and style when running.


The ultraBOOST XENO campaign was all about speed and collaboration. We developed the concept, produced assets, launched the campaign and announced the final shoe design in just a week from the Poll functionality being communicated by Instagram.

When live, the Poll allowed people to vote on every aspect of the shoe from the sole to the laces. They were presented with a simple choice between reflective XENO material - not normally available for customisation on adidas shoes - or black and white.

Participation was incentivised by the opportunity to win one of 50 of the final limited edition shoes. But they had to be quick. Like every story, it disappeared after 24 hours.

  • In just 24 hours, 149,000 people completed the eight-part Instagram Story
  • 3000% increase on average swipe up rates for the channel
  • The final post announcing the winning shoe design smashed previous engagement records by 267%