Guinness 232 Brew


With the 2019 Rugby World Cup being held in Japan matches would be played during breakfast when we can’t talk about, advertise, or drink Guinness. The brief was to maintain Guinness’ position as the most associated brand with Rugby and drive volume of conversation and share of voice gains during the 2019 Rugby World Cup.


You might not be able to drink Guinness first thing in the morning but you can drink coffee. Consumption has increased so much over the past ten years it’s now one of the most popular drinks, globally. 95M cups are drunk daily in the UK alone. No wonder it’s also a Rugby player’s staple. We used this insight to create a product which continued to drive the association between Guinness and rugby.


We worked with ex-rugby player Brad Barritt to create our limited edition coffee. We wanted something that wouldn’t just work as a standard ‘cup’, but would also create nitro brew - a coffee that looks exactly like a pint of Guinness. We called it 232 brew due to its roasting temperature - the same used to roast Guinness barley.

Once we had the product we organised a bespoke photoshoot, launching Guinness coffee across Guinness’ social channels through purely organic posts. The global popularity of the product quickly meant paid posts were scheduled.

Seeding boxes were created and sent to influencers, who ranged from Rugby fans, occasional Rugby match watchers, ex-players and celebrities.

The coffee was also stocked and served in droves in the Guinness RWC event space, Flat Iron Square in London. Due to popular demand the coffee, both in bean and ground form, can be purchased from Tiki Tonga and Amazon.

  • The coffee posts on Guinness’ global Instagram page were the most commented posts of all time on their channel, with no media support.
  • Over 400,000 Guinness coffees were served at Flat Iron Square. 232 blend sold more than any other Tiki Tonga product in the first two weeks of 2019 RWC.
  • The product was featured on national radio and a number of Tiki Tonga’s commercial clients, including London Marriott hotels have placed orders for Guinness 232 Brew.