Following the publication of our Digital in 2017 Global Overview a few days ago, today we're delighted to share our 2017 Digital Yearbook, which has headline digital user data for every country in the world (yes, really!). You'll find key stats for more than 230 countries in the SlideShare embed of the Yearbook above, or you can read and download it for free on SlideShare by clicking here.
In addition to the Digital in 2017 Global Overview and the 2017 Digital Yearbook, we've also published more in-depth data for every country in the world across a series of regional reports. These reports are based on the UN's 'geographical sub-region' classification (mainly because SlideShare now restricts the number of slides we can include in any single SlideShare upload), and you can access them all for free using the links below:

And if you missed the Global Overview link above, here it is again.