You may think nothing of clicking into Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Snapchat to keep daily chatter going with friends, family, or even colleagues, but the reality is these apps are taking over online communication and vastly rewriting the rules of social marketing. We Are Social's Global Consultant, Simon Kemp, has attempted to unpack the ways in which messengers are changing the game in his first episode of Inspiring Marketing: The Rise of Messengers.

He reported:

  • Active mobile social media users have risen by 30% globally in just one year
  • Four of the world's six most active social platforms are mobile messengers
  • More messages will be sent by mobile messengers than email this year

Clearly, the need to strategically insert brands into these conversations is becoming essential for reaching audiences of all demographics, as messengers' popularity is no longer limited to younger generations. Creating interruptive experiences and throwing ad spend behind mediocre creative is a tired way of reaching consumers that has no place in chat apps. We must continue assessing user behaviour and human communication versus platform capability in order to take full advantage of the powerful messaging platforms.

Still not convinced? Watch his full analysis below which explores why people have fallen in love with messengers, and what marketers can do to harness these exciting new opportunities: