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The role

Art Directors at We Are Social are responsible for creating ideas worth talking about. You visualize them in a way that’s genuine to the brands they belong to and magnetic to the people you want to connect with.

It’s all about love at first sight. You know that first impressions have never been so important. Defining the right look and feel you set the difference between engagement and oblivion. Advertising must be social, and social must be visual.

Fast culture is your playground. Whether you own existing visual trends or create new ones, you know how to bring people and companies together. Keeping up with music, gaming, trends, and the news is not a chore, it’s what you naturally do.

Considerations of your role

Socially and digitally savvy, you will be able to realise your ideas in any channel depending on the brief, idea and objective.
You are passionate about this industry and the work that comes out of it, and have strong opinions on how to make it better.
You assist with creative strategy and tactics to enable outstanding work.
You get your hands dirty to produce world-class ideas that are powered by the people.
You keep your cool under pressure, have the ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously, and deliver greatness on time, especially in new business pitches.
You keep abreast of creative campaigns and creative news from the wider scene.
You share your knowledge with those around you and use the expertise available to broaden your own development.
You deliver your ideas with confidence and conviction, to your peers as well as to a board room.

Are you the one?

Your grasp of visual language has the power to build brands and tame trolls.
You see the big picture and sweat the pixel.
You treasure craft.
You collaborate with copywriters and partner with other disciplines to execute the visual side of a project.
You keep your ten fingers on the pulse and anticipate trends.
You live sports, or music, or technology, or gastronomy, or astronomy. Bring your passion with you.
You embody the brands you’re creating for, embracing their distinctive visual identity and give them a bit more soul in return.
You are a social animal that worships human connection, be it face to face or screen to screen.
You want to create ideas worth talking about.


A minimum of three years’ experience in creative agency.
Portfolio that proves how your conceptual skills lead to inspiring creative work. Awards, a bonus.
A flair for visual storytelling.
Exceptional design skills.
Proficient with creative programs such as the Adobe Creative Suite as well as presentation software, especially Google Slides.
Photography, illustration, and editing knowledge, a bonus.
Culturally tuned-in.
Deep knowledge of social platforms.
Self-initiated and accountable.
Great presentation skills.
Work well under pressure.
Team player, open to collaboration and constructive feedback.

Why should you join our team?

We Are Social is a socially-led creative agency: Over 1000 social experts in 15 offices around the world proving the power of social thinking to drive business value.

Here in Sydney, we are a group of people from different walks of life, united by a passion for fast and popular culture. We love to help smart brands immerse their stories in the real conversations their audience are having. How do we do that?

We put social thinking at the centre of what we do.
We connect people and brands in meaningful ways.
We create ideas worth talking about.
We Are Social.

In case you still need more reasons:

Flexible Work Policy.
Time given to volunteer as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility.
Employee Assistance Programme.
Social clubs & staff events.
Free breakfast and snacks all day.

At We Are Social we love diversity of thought and experience. That’s why we like to welcome the unique voices and talents that haven’t been traditionally embraced by advertising. Learn more about our culture and our work on our website.

Already in a creative partnership? Bring your Copywriter along.

We want to hear from copywriters that are passionate about social and advertising, whose words have the power to build brands and tame trolls. They love coming up with big ideas as well as tactical ideas, writing long-form copy as well as the sharpest headlines, strategising as well as crafting.

Share our Copywriter Job Description with your partner.

Please include a link to your portfolio in your application.

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