We Are Social. We Are Five



5 years ago to the day, on the 25th June 2008, We Are Social was officially registered as a business.

Since then we’ve grown from our humble beginnings in London and opened offices in Paris, Milan, Sydney, Munich, São Paulo, Singapore and New York, and grown to a team of 340 people worldwide. We’re also lucky enough to be working with some of the world’s most forward looking brands, and have picked up quite a few awards along the way.

The last five years have been an amazing journey, and Nathan and I would like to thank everyone who’s helped to make it happen. Both current and past team members and clients, especially those that took the risk in the early days on an unknown start-up. Those crazy people around the world that shared and shaped our vision and opened up one of those 7 offices. All of the people in the industry that helped by taking us seriously, inviting us to speak at events and to take part in various industry bodies. And to our friends and family, who haven’t seen as much of us as they’d have liked over the last five years.

Being We Are Social, we of course had a party to celebrate – thank you to all of those that joined us on the evening to help us do so. It meant a lot to us. You can get a flavour of what it was like from the video above, but if you really want to experience the evening as it happened, then transport yourself into the live stream of tweets and instagrams tagged #wearefive that were projected on the wall of the club that evening.

It’s been a great five years, but they were just the beginning of the We Are Social story. Here’s to the next five…