Managing Complaints in Social Media

Simon Kemp

At some point, almost every marketer will have to deal with someone saying bad things about their brand in social media, regardless of whether the brand actively manages its own social presence.

This can be as simple as someone tweeting that they hate the music in the brand’s new TV commercial, but it might be a critical situation that will have a lasting impact on the business’s bottom line.

Regardless of how serious the issue, though, the most important thing we can do as marketers is to be prepared for such situations before they arise.

This was the topic of my presentation at SES Singapore last week, where I outlined We Are Social’s approach to preparing for, and dealing with, negative issues in social media.

The approach focuses on our simple ‘3As’ framework:

The complete SlideShare deck above outlines the steps, policies and procedures that will help you to ensure you’re best positioned to manage any potential negative issue, addressing:

This document is designed to be a practical guide for preparation as well as live management of any potential issues, so we’re pleased to make it available for free download so that you have immediate access to it wherever and whenever you might need it.