#Papertweet: a voice against hunger



More than three million children under five die as a result of poor nutrition each year. This is a shocking statistic; so much more needs to be done in order to combat this, not least to get people to understand the scale of the problem. In France in particular, our team found that it was difficult to get influential political leaders to listen, particularly as France directs less than 1% of its international aid budget towards combating malnutrition.

So, working with Action Against Hunger, our team in Paris decided to do something about this, with #Papertweet. The campaign invites the public to bring the voice of hungry people everywhere to Twitter, in order to influence French policy.

We Are Social and Action Against Hunger have collected hand drawn testimonies from those who suffer from malnutrition made them availible for sharing on Twitter – ‘paper tweets’.

In order to get these messages in front of influential Government figures, people are being asked to sign up on papertweet.org and ‘adopt’ a tweet. It will then be sent automatically from their Twitter accounts on the 15th June – World Hunger Day – to five key policymakers.

If you want to help make a difference, please visit papertweet.org. For every person that takes part, the impact of the campaign grows. We hope that through doing this, we will be able to send thousands of tweets at once to the people who really can make a difference, making our collective voice impossible to ignore.