We Are Social’s Monday Mashup #272


Older social network users prefer tablets over smartphones
It won’t be news to you that most social network users now use mobile devices to stalk their exes, make meaningful connections online, with mobile (including tablets) now accounting for 80% of time spent on social social networks, with 25% year-on-year growth. And as social media penetration creeps closer to EVERYONE ON THE ENTIRE INTERNET (in this case we’re talking about 90% of the US digital media population), new insights show that older users prefer tablets over smartphones.



Facebook Notes is making a comeback
Ever wondered where all those cringey friendship chain questionnaires you filled out on Facebook Notes went to? Yeah me neither. Unfortunately, those notes do still exist and rumour has it that Facebook is revamping its long lost Notes service to take on blogging platform Medium.

Twitter drops the 140 character limit for direct messages
It’s been announced that Twitter will begin phasing in the change over the next few weeks in an attempt to make the private message… [1/3]

…aspect of Twitter more compelling. The social network previously said the new limit would be 10,000 characters. Great for chatty… [2/3]

…Carols, those perhaps wishing to share new creative writing ventures or exchange complex commercial law contracts? [3/3]

Periscope hits 10 million users, with nearly 2 million active daily
After only four months of sailing on the social seas, Periscope is celebrating 10 million accounts and has announced that as of last week people are watching a staggering 40 years of video a day via their service. Team Periscope also clearly sits in camp ‘view time’ along with YouTube, as opposed to Facebook which puts more emphasis on views.


It claims the team is not motivated by daily active user figures (despite nearing 2 million daily users, as you can see in the graph below).


Old Spice send users on tongue-in-cheek robot Instagram adventure
There are two things my dad swears by: Talcum powder (ew) and Old Spice. Now one of those things has come up with a nifty Instagram platform hack game and the other, is used frequently by him after sports. I know which one’s winning in my book. Try and outwit the robots (and marketing researchers) and whatever you do, don’t drink the lemonade!


You awaken in a dark cave. In the distance you see a faint light, in front of you is an open bottle of Old Spice body wash. Go toward the light—maybe it’s a way out? Grab the Old Spice? Tap image once to use tags to navigate.

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Miller Lite targets the men of Instagram with typography
After cleverly identifying that more than 2.6 million photos and videos have been shared on Instagram using the hashtag #typography, Miller Lite used this insight to inform its new campaign on Instagram, the platform that Cris Rivera, Director at Miller Lite, described as ‘quickly becoming guys’ No. 1 social network.’.


Indianapolis Colts are first NFL team to bring their kicks to Kik (sorry)
Chasing the teenage audience dream, the American football team Indianapolis Colts have launched a promoted chat in the format of a choose-your-own adventure story about rising through the football ranks from high school player to the pros. Kik is a messaging app, similar to WhatsApp or perhaps Snapchat. Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of it, that’s because you’re old, go have a nice sit-down instead.

Barbour becomes the first UK brand to launch Twitter product page
Following on from Nike and Disney in the US, Barbour is the first UK brand to use the new Twitter collections service, which showcases products on Twitter like an e-commerce site. Ahead of the Rugby World Cup, it will be used to showcase the new Land Rover rugby men’s collection: small 4x4s to be worn at jaunty angles on ones head during matches. Only joking! Sure it’s lovely.

Kim Kardashian forced to delete morning sickness drug selfie
After recently revealing that she never does commercial deals that force her to make positive endorsements on Instagram, Kim Kardashian has immediately gone and endorsed a commercial product positively. That’s weird, how did that happen?? ($$$).

It was for a morning sickness drug called Diclegis, but the company was forced by the US regulator the FDA to have the post deleted. The Office of Prescription Drug Promotion has ordered that the company needs to send out another post, ideally sent by Kardashian, containing “truthful, non-misleading, and complete corrective messages about the issues discussed … to the audience that received the violative promotional material”. Translation: BAD KIM!