We Are Social’s Monday Mashup #671


Threads releases mute filters and updates controls for quote posts

Threads is launching a feature for users to filter out words and phrases from their feeds and mentions. The “Hidden Words” feature will automatically mute common words, phrases, and emojis that might be offensive to users. Users can add their own custom words and phrases in the settings which can be changed and removed at any time. 

Image credit: Threads

Threads is also making updates to its post controls. Users can currently limit who replies to their posts and who can mention them: either anyone, profiles you follow, or mentioned people only. Soon, users will be able to extend these controls to quote posts too. Users will also be able to manually unquote their posts as well.

Meta introduces $5000 bonus for influencers posts on Threads

Meta is offering influencers on Instagram up to $5,000 to post on Threads. If their post gets more than 10,000 views they could be eligible for a payout. This is an invite-only program which users will receive through a pop up notification in their Professional Dashboard. 

Image credit: Matt Navarra

There are a few rules regarding what constitutes an eligible post. For example, a post is not eligible for a bonus if it contains branded content, is in a language the program does not support, has fewer than 2,500 views, or if the post is deleted. Meta launched the bonus program with selected users earlier this month, but have now upped the payout amounts and increased the number of views per post required to qualify.

Pinterest reveals summer travel trends 

Pinterest has released its summer travel report, highlighting travel trends emerging on the platform. The platform has recorded  over one billion travel-related searches and over 10 billion travel saves in the past year alone. And, 8 out of 10 weekly Pinterest users turn to Pinterest to plan their summer vacations. 

Image Credit: Pinterest

Pinterest predicts that wellness holidays will take favour this summer, along with solo travel and budget-friendly road trips. Other upcoming trends include ‘adventurous activities’, with searches up 45% year on year, and ‘quiet life’, up a substantial 530% year on year.

TikTok tests AI avatars 

TikTok is testing a new AI integration where users are prompted to create an “AI-moji”. The “AI-moji” feature allows users to scan their face and create a cartoon avatar within the app. The avatar can then be used to react to Stories, messages, and as stickers in chats.

Image credit: Matt Navarra

In other news

Threads now has over 150 million monthly active users and is testing the option to hide old posts. Reddit is making updates to its app to improve user experience. X is launching a TV app for videos. TikTok tests the ability to share a comment as a story as well. YouTube is launching a ‘Test and Compare’ feature for A/B testing of thumbnails. Instagram has added new functionality to Reels. Meta is working on a new ‘Pals’ sticker for Instagram Stories.