We Are Social’s Tuesday Tuneup #672


Instagram update will show more content from smaller creators 

Historically, creators on Instagram with large followings have benefited from the most reach on the platform, but it’s now changing its ranking systems so that smaller, original creators have a chance of gaining attention. The new approach will see Instagram recommending content from smaller creators to a select pool of audiences. As people begin to engage with the content, the top-performing content will be shown to a slightly wider audience, which will then be shared with an even wider audience, and so on.

Image credit: Instagram

If Instagram finds two or more identical pieces of content on Instagram, it will only recommend the original one. The platform is also starting to add labels to reposted content that will link users to the original creator. Plus, any accounts that repeatedly post content from other users will not be shown in recommendations.

Snapchat launches a host of new features

It’s been a busy week over at Snapchat, with a number of new updates. First up, its  ‘My AI’ chatbot now allows users to set in-app reminders. Users can ask the chatbot to set a reminder using the AI’s chat window, as well as setting countdowns for upcoming events. Users will also soon be able to design their own digital outfits for their Bitmoji using generative AI. For example, users can type a prompt like “vibrant graffiti” or “skull flower” and the app will then generate a pattern to use on their Bitmoji. 

Image credit: Snapchat

Snapchat is also rolling out editable chats for Snapchat+ subscribers, with the feature planned to be available to all users at some point in the future. Users will be able to edit their messages for up to five minutes after sending them. 

Image credit: Snapchat

Finally, Snapchat is expanding its AR capabilities to allow advertisers to use AR in campaigns, as well as simplifying AR creation with new tools that’ll guide brands through the Lens building process.

Instagram adds Reveal, Frames & Cutouts features

Instagram is adding a handful of new features for Stories. The first is the “Reveal” feature, which allows users to post hidden Stories that followers can uncover by sending a DM. To use Reveal, users can tap the “Reveal” icon in the stickers tools and provide a hint about the hidden content. Instagram is also launching a new “Add Yours Music” sticker to share music and encourage others to share as well. 

Image credit: Instagram

Instagram is also adding a new “Frames” feature that turns a photo into a virtual Polaroid that users can view by shaking – or tapping – their phone.  Another new feature called “Cutouts” lets users turn part of any video or photo into a custom sticker that they can add to a Story or Reel.

Meta adds new AI labelling requirements

Meta is introducing a new AI-generated label option within the post composer as part of its AI disclosure requirements. This is an addition to Meta’s existing AI detection tools which automatically labels AI content. The manual post tags will contain the same “Made with AI” tag.

Image credit: Meta

TikTok expands its premium ad slots

TikTok is introducing new advertising slots that will give advertisers better control over content their ads appear against. TikTok will use generative AI to select trending, brand-friendly content; including topical events, such as the Paris Olympics and Met Gala; and enable advertisers to buy slots with particular audiences and content themes.

Image credit: TikTok

In other news

X launches AI chatbot in the UK. Threads users can now limit who can quote their posts. Pinterest’s AI-powered collages are now more engaging than Pins. Twitch launches discovery feed. X updates its block policy. LinkedIn launches in-stream games. Instagram tests clear mode for Reels. X’s AI-chatbot can now summarise news stories. YouTube tests AI idea generator