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The Brief

LEGO came to us to help engage with families and adult builders before and during the second season of their hit TV show, LEGO Masters. The brief was to focus on developing a video content campaign, featuring two 30-second hero spots, and 15-second cut downs for media placements.


All of us can relate to everyday mishaps that cause us to stumble throughout our day. Misplaced car keys, a spilled cup of coffee, unruly pets interrupting Zoom calls… the list goes on. We centered this campaign around how modern families face these setbacks while building with LEGO bricks – each moment being authentic, empathetic, and perfectly encapsulating what it means to Build Like A Master, at home.


Our concepts presented different everyday moments of imperfection in various building scenarios. It was all about real in-home moments of mastery. In our role as the lead production company, we brought in Raquel Marvez as our Director – because we knew her deeply empathetic approach would result in the most organic and genuine outcomes. Raquel and DP Adam Uhl agreed that a hand-held, verite style would create the “fly on the wall” effect that our clients were looking for. Raquel’s directing approach was to create real environments (cereal on the counter, toys scattered about, cast in their natural hair, makeup and wardrobe), and then let the cast interact with the Lego Bricks as naturally as possible. We scripted almost no dialogue, and gave preference to natural sound and authentic chatter amongst our casted family. 


Our LEGO clients were blown away by the team’s approach and resulting videos – referring to the spots as a new standard in video production for the LEGO US team.

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