The way we’re accessing and using the internet is continually changing, its role in our lives is shifting. While the transition from desktop to laptop and smartphone felt like a natural progression to most, the adoption of the Internet of Things will unlikely feel quite as easy. But it’s already underway.

By 2017, the Internet of Things market is projected to be bigger than the PC, tablet and phone market combined, providing opportunities for brands to tap into online connections in ways never envisioned before.

As interoperability and privacy cause complexity and questions, brands need to help consumers understand and adapt to help bring new technologies to the mainstream market. We’re taking baby steps now, even out of the tech world - people are purchasing products like connected light bulbs (Philips Hue) and connected thermostats (Nest).


Timing is important as several critical factors come together: digital natives gain more purchasing power, technology companies release connected products, and the integrations with existing social platforms make it easier for individuals to set up their first connected device.

In our Internet of Things report, we’ve been hard at work finding inspiration for the ways that technology, brands and their fans can connect. The Internet is not slowing down; neither can the way brands interact with consumers.