In our first innovation roundup of 2017 we address some of the key trends that were identified in our previous Think Forward report.

Wearables and other innovations are bringing us closer to one another, bridging distances, whether that be physical or linguistic. More of what we’re familiar with are becoming integrated with innovative technology - shops, cars, experiences, all trying to make the journey more exciting and efficient for consumers.

All of these upcoming innovations that face us in the future pose a challenge for brands - as customers come to expect more and more things from their favourite products or services. This report helps to uncover some of the fantastic innovations that are trying to face up and combat this challenge.

We highlight some of them below, but if you'd like to read more, grab a drink and indulge in the full report here:

Take chatbot Forksy, this chatbot attempts to change unhealthy eating habits by suggesting alternatives to poor food choices. The app works through Facebook Messenger and Telegram and acts like an on the go dietary advice friend.

Chatbots open up a huge opportunity for brands on so many levels and can really make a positive difference in people's lives. This one is great because it fits perfectly into busy lifestyles and could help you pick up that healthier looking salad at lunch rather than the standard, calorie-filled, BLT sandwich, crisps and chocolate bar….. (anyone else - no?!)

Wearables are getting more advanced helping us to gain information that would previously have been impossible. Neebo, a new wearable wristband for babies, sends parents accurate data about their newborns health and safety through a smart combination of physical sensors and AI.

These are just a few highlights from the report but if you'd like to read the full thing then check it out here.