When Tom Ollerton and I co-presented at Social Media Week (#humblebrag), our big message was this: innovate, or die. In our world, if you’re standing still, you’re going backwards - and that’s only cool in figure skating.

Anyway, as Barry White would say, you’ve got to ‘practice what you preach’. This is why the Curiosity Stop, our monthly report of what’s new in social thinking, evolves every month. We refuse to publish the same humdrum report each month. Instead, we regularly take a look at what’s working and what isn’t - which is why you might notice that this Curiosity Stop has had a new lick of paint. This month, we’ve also decided to tackle some innovations of our own, within the report. Innovative to the core, we are.

Have a read of this month’s Curiosity Stop, and immerse yourself in a world of virtual reality laser tag and flower bouquets with hidden messages. If a particular innovation piques your interest, simply click on that familiar blue bird to tweet it to your followers. You might like the sound of Paystobesocial, an app which pairs you up with people making the same train journey, so you can nab a group discount. If so, tweet it!


Pinterest Palette might be more your cup of tea - or should we say nonfat triple-shot chai latte? For SS16, Topshop teamed with Pinterest to create a piece of tech which scans your Pinterest board, then reveals your unique colour DNA. Using this palette, Topshop offers up matching items from their website. Want to share this with your fashion-hungry followers? You know the drill. If you find all our examples interesting, go ahead and click ALL the little blue birds - who are we to judge?


And if all of that has got you in the mood for more innovation, check out our experiment from this month - hosting a live conversation about this month’s Curiosity Stop on Blab. Not heard of it? Blab is a new platform which allows you to take part in live video conversations with people all over the web. It’s designed to instigate lively debates and discussion. If you missed it live, you missed out - but don't worry, you can watch again here.

Find yourself a comfy spot on the sofa/tube, and tuck into 12 fresh examples of innovative social thinking. Remember, if you like this month’s Curiosity Stop, please tweet it! No pressure though, seriously.