Fancy a break from KPI analysis and 2016 forecasts? Of course you do. Take five (or fifteen) and dip into our round-up of the coolest/weirdest/smartest stuff on the interweb. We call it the Curiosity Stop, and it’s a report all about innovation in communication.

This month’s Curiosity Stop examples are testament to the fact that innovation can come from anywhere. From the serious to the downright surreal, there’s an underlying theme with these innovations. They were all made with an understanding and appreciation of the way we communicate in 2015. Sure, being able to monitor earthquakes with Twitter may be more useful than sexting emoji, but the latter shouldn’t be pooh-poohed (that would be gross). If texting cartoon vaginas is what the people are doing, then brands need to embrace the vagina… figuratively speaking.

Our sixth report on innovation even sees us branching out to animal communication with TailTalk, a smart device which translates dogs’ emotions. The device is clipped onto your dog’s tail, and monitors wag frequency and directionality. It’ll then inform you, via smartphone (of course), exactly how your pup is feeling. Use at your own risk...


Slightly less cuddly is Peeple, the already infamous app which lets humans review other humans. Peeple is designed to be a positivity app, where users can rate and search other people in the same way we do restaurants. The only problem with this idea? Humans. What’s most interesting here is that people are starting to demand transparency from their own peers. Brands better watch out.


This month, we need your help to keep on innovating. Once you’ve filled your boots with exciting innovations, head on over to our survey to unleash your innermost thoughts. Save your sex life for the pub though, we just want to know exactly what you think of the Curiosity Stop. Be brutally honest (but please don’t rate me on Peeple).

At 5pm GMT (UK) / 12pm EST (East Coast US) / 9am PST (West Coast US) today we’ll be presenting November’s innovations live on Blab. It’s a live conversation, so if you’ve got an opinion on one of our innovations feel free to chat with us. Last time Tom managed to suggest I was dating my own father, so the only way is up…