Our latest roundup of social innovations is here to solve all your problems. As we well know, the best innovations usually spring from a desire for change. They’re a creative solution to a need or problem of a particular set of individuals. Some of the following ‘problems’, as taken from this month’s Curiosity Stop, are a little #firstworld, but that doesn’t make the solutions any less innovative…

Are you lacking in Tinder charm? Always lose them at ‘We would make sexy babies’? You need new app Nattr. It’s the cyber equivalent of having all your mates sat round you in the pub, telling you exactly what to say to the hot guy/girl. Except instead of friends, it’s complete strangers. And there’s no pub. Who’s in?


On a more serious note, are you fed up of cyberbullying? So is Criola group, a Brazilian nonprofit shaming keyboard warriors into giving up their trolling habit. The group uses Facebook’s location tag to find where those guilty of racist online comments live. It then puts up billboards next to the offenders’ houses, to really drive home the message.


On a less serious note, do you ever wish you could ‘Netflix and Chill’ with someone on the other side of the world? Netflix Party is a Chrome extension which allows you to watch shows remotely with your squad. It synchronizes the playback (so no spoilers) and includes a group chat, for all those OMG moments. That’s Friday night sorted, then.


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