Trend watching has never been an exact science, and with innovations evolving ever faster, it's never been harder to predict what's coming next. But what we can know is what's happening now.  This month’s Curiosity Stop showcases the very best of today's innovations. So get yourself some form of autumnal beverage, light your Jack O Lantern and get stuck in. We’ve listed just a few of the highlights below - but for the full story, check out the full report here:

In a post Brexit, potentially pre-Trump world it isn’t really surprising that the Conscious Community trend is booming. From Sit With Us, a new app to help students avoid lonely lunch breaks, to Nextdoor, an app which encourages neighbours to be, well, more neighbourly, people are searching to new ways to connect on a local level and make the world a tiny bit better. But it’s not just app-loving suburbanites who are getting in on the action. Wi-Favela is the brainchild of Brazilian telecoms company Vivo, who worked with graffiti artists to instal the most artistic wifi hotspots ever seen. The paint sprayed on the favela walls created wifi hotspots, receiving signals better than standard rods and allowing the previously cut-off residents to access Vivo’s free wifi signal.

Fancy something a bit less worthy? Never fear, in the world of the internet of social things, martini has created the Smart Cube - a bluetooth-enabled plastic cube that tells bar staff when your glass has run dry.

As for what’s on the horizon - music fans will love Lisn, an app which allows you to listen to the same music as your mates, wherever they are, by streaming shared tracks through Soundcloud or Spotify. And if the very existence of artificial intelligence blows your mind then get this: An artificially intelligent machine, IBM Watson, has made a movie trailer - about an AI machine. They KNOW THINGS. Or it could be just a great PR stunt. You decide.