Senior Copywriter

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The role

We Are Social is a global socially-led creative agency with unrivalled social media expertise. With more than 1000 people in 16 offices spanning four continents and over 80 people here in our Singapore office, we deliver world-class creative campaigns and strategies based on social insights, for forward-thinking brands.

Overall Purpose of Senior Copywriter at We Are Social

Award-winning, ambitious creative thinker, as capable of cracking big, cross media brand ideas as tactical platform specific campaigns. You’ll be able to get ideas ready to sell to the client. You’ll be able to craft the idea to make it sing. And you’ll be hungry to win major awards to help make the agency and yourselves famous.

Specific Content of your Role

  • Idea generation
  • Capable of turning your hand to any channel, any audience
  • Expertise in selling work, creating powerful and sellable decks that clearly explain themselves after we’ve left the client’s building
  • An understanding of social platforms and how to make the most of them
  • An appreciation of what makes an award-winning campaign
  • The ability to work alone when need be, and happy to team up with different creatives, as well as speak out and add value during larger brainstorms for fast-turnaround briefs
  • Capable of offering editorial support – helping us marry the principle of ‘the big idea’ with the necessities of fast-turnaround content
  • Oversee the work of other creatives/interns on certain projects


  • Exceptional writing skills
  • Ideas generation
  • Understanding of social media platforms
  • Ability to distil big thoughts with wit and clarity
  • Ability to work ‘on brand’
  • Able to team up with different people when required
  • Not precious, no ego – just keen to learn and make ideas better and greater
  • Insight driven work
  • Awareness of different awards and the standard required, locally and globally
  • Understanding of different channels, particularly social ones
  • Excellent presenting skills are an advantage: articulate, passionate, authoritative, charming, capable of instilling confidence
  • Able to craft an inspiring and clear deck to present work
  • Make complex multi-platform campaigns feel simple
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