We Are Social’s Monday Mashup #533

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Snapchat is working on a new Remix feature
Snapchat is (re)mixing it up with its latest feature that allows users to create new content using their friends’ Snaps. Similar to TikTok Duet, Remix will allow Snapchatters to reply to a friend’s story with a remixed Snap. To do so, you can record your own Snap alongside the original as it plays, much like a TikTok Duet. Remix is currently being tested among friends, but it’s expected to make its way to other parts of the Snapchat app, including Spotlight, the platform’s TikTok rival. With this step up in content creation tools, it looks like Snapchat is making moves that’ll give other platforms a run for their money. 

Clubhouse’s Android launch is coming
It’s the news that Android users have been waiting for. Clubhouse will be coming to their devices soon, following the company’s recent hire of an Android software developer. With the app currently only available on iPhone, Android users have been left in the dark when it comes to the platform that’s been conjuring up conversations. Clubhouse has announced that it’ll take a couple of months for the app to come to Android, indicating a timeframe that’s closer to late spring or summer. Set your clocks Android users, Clubhouse is coming.

Burberry designs outfits for video gamers in China
Couture isn’t just for the catwalk. It turns out luxury fashion also has its place in the gaming world. Burberry has designed outfits for one of China’s biggest video games, Honor of Kings. Players in mainland China can now buy clothes, known as skins, to adorn their characters with Burberry’s signature trench coat and tartan. And with Louis Vuitton and Prada having both released creations for the Final Fantasy XIII video game, what’s next? Fortnite Fashion week?

Honor of Kings character wears Burberry

Facebook and Instagram raise $5 billion for Nonprofits
With fundraising tools a key feature on most social platforms, it’s never been easier to donate to charity. Mark Zuckerberg revealed that people have raised over $5 billion for nonprofits and personal causes through Facebook and Instagram since 2014, with $175 million of this raised for Covid-19 related fundraisers. The success of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in 2014 is what encouraged Facebook to create fundraising tools across its platform, making it easier for users to donate via the platform. With equality and civil justice, environment and children’s health some of the most donated-to causes, it’s great to see the impact that these tools have had in raising key funds.  

Jack Dorsey’s first-ever tweet is sold
$2,915,835.47. That’s the exact sum that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s first tweet has been sold for. The proud new owner? Sina Estavi, who had held the high bid since offering $2.5 million on 6th March. Dorsey put the tweet up for digital auction as an NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) on 5th March, with the money being donated to GiveDirectly for its Africa Response. The bids on Dorsey’s first tweet, that simply reads “just setting up my twttr,” escalated quickly, igniting discussion about NFTs. Money well spent? Estavi certainly thinks so, telling Reuters that he was ‘thankful’ for winning the bid. 

Dorsey follows the likes of Nike and Gucci in maximising NTFs as the new hot topic of discussion. But what are these unique digital assets (stored on the blockchain) all about? Get the low-down in our blog.

To Twitter CEO and back again: a timeline of Jack Dorsey's rise | The Verge

Ones to watch
Twitter is exploring the use of emoji-style reactions, similar to those used on Facebook, and Microsoft is in talks to acquire Discord for over $10 billion.