We Are Social’s Tuesday Tweak Up #52


TikTok to ban videos that encourage sunburn and tanning
On TikTok, the hashtag ‘sunburnt tanning’ has more than 200m views. This kind of content encourages users to share their most awkward painful sunburns. Now the platform is taking action against this type of harmful content, announcing it will actively ban videos that encourage tanning, instead adding educational content about the dangers of the sun. Users will see a pop-up banner for anti-tanning content, specifically targeting those aged between 20 and 39; Melanoma is the most common form of cancer in this age range.

Twitter is going to show you more tweets from people you don’t follow
Does your follow list need a bit of a refresh on Twitter? The platform is upping its algorithmic recommendations, meaning you’ll see more content from users that you don’t yet follow. Recommendations will likely appear in your Home feed, certain places within the Explore tab and elsewhere on the platform. The type of content you’ll see will be based on the types of Tweets you’ve engaged with, topics you follow and Tweets that people in your network like.

Reddit adds images in comments for select communities
Sometimes a picture speaks a thousand words. Reddit is adding an option to place images in comments, currently available within around 1,500 subreddits in the app. The platform enabled GIFs in selected subreddits earlier this year, so images seem like the logical next step. This adds another way to engage with communities on the app. However, any ‘not safe for work’ images will be automatically removed, so keep it clean Reddit users.

Think Forward 2023 | Textured Discovery
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