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The Brief

Major League Soccer approached us to help them become a more prominent player in mainstream culture. We wanted to build relevance with the soccer enthusiasts and sports fans and get them to understand what truly makes this League so special and unique.


All of us can relate to everyday mishaps that cause us to stumble in our day. Misplaced Authenticity comes in transforming @MLS from a broadcast channel to a star building platform.


To help the league break out of its shell, we launched MLS’s own creator network, Our Soccer Collective. This program is leveraging a diverse cast of creators within our soccer ecosphere and beyond, who are creating the culture we want be a part of and telling the League’s soccer story from their perspectives.

With content living on both @MLS and the creator’s channels, OSC is helping MLS show up in new and unexpected ways and places – from matchday photography with a focus on the league’s unique fan culture, historical highlight goal recreations on FIFA, to otherworldly music concert inspired matchday posters exuding our local markets distinctive cultures.

OSC has elevated @MLS, adding a new stream of culture content that has helped the league channel innovate and evolve, with content living on creator’s socials evoking brand love and pushing the league into the public consciousness.


15 creators activated in 3 months and 50 Total Posts.

115,426 Average Impressions per post.

203 Average shares per post.

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