We Are Social’s Monday Mashup #489

Facebook Gaming releases its Android app worldwide
Last week, Facebook Gaming officially launched its stand-alone app for Android onto the Google Play Store worldwide, following 18-months of testing in Southeast Asia and Latin America. Facebook has said that an iOS version of the app will also be released, pending approval by Apple. According to Facebook, over 700 million people currently play games, watch gaming videos or participate in gaming groups on its platform, and over 100,000 pre-registered for the app’s launch.

Facebook displays locations of high-reaching accounts 
In a bid to boost transparency on its platforms, Facebook has announced that it will now be displaying the locations of ‘high-reach’ accounts on Facebook and Instagram in order to help users gauge the reliability and authenticity of the content. The change is first coming to accounts based outside of the US that reach large audiences primarily in the US.

Facebook rolls out its own Bitmoji avatars in Europe
After Facebook first began testing its own version of Snapchat’s Bitmojis in Australia, last week the platform officially launched Facebook Avatars in Europe. Once users gain access to the feature, they will be able to create their avatars via the Sticker tray in the comments section of News Feed posts or Messenger. Facebook has confirmed that the feature will soon be making its way to the US and Canada as well.

Facebook launches Rooms to rival the likes of Houseparty
Facebook has released a new feature for its mobile and desktop apps in English speaking countries, called Rooms, which aims to tap into the growth of video calls during the global pandemic. Users will be able to create Rooms which up to eight friends can join (increasing to 50 over the coming weeks). The feature will soon be available to users on Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook’s Portal device too.

Facebook adds more countries and features to Messenger Kids
Facebook has rolled Messenger Kids out to 74 more countries and has added three new opt-in features, including a new groups feature (US only); Supervised Friending – where kids can invite and remove their own contacts under parental supervision (US only); and an option for parents to make their child’s names and profile photos visible to friends of their contacts and their parents (Canada, Latin America and the US only with plans to extend it to the rest of the world in the coming weeks).

WhatsApp drops new ‘Together At Home’ Sticker pack
WhatsApp and the World Health Organization have teamed up to release a new Sticker pack, called ‘Together At Home’, which aims to offer people creative ways to remind friends to wash their hands, maintain distance, exercise, and celebrate medical heroes. The Stickers are currently available in 10 languages, including Arabic, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

Snapchat beats Wall Street expectations in Q1 earnings 
Snapchat’s share price surged 17 per cent in after-hours trading last week, after it released its Q1 results, reporting revenue of $462 – besting Wall Street’s tempered expectations around $430 million. The platform’s daily active users reached 229 million in the first quarter, representing a 20 per cent year-over-year gain, higher than the 224.5 million users that had been expected.

LinkedIn sees a boom in LinkedIn Learning usage 
According to LinkedIn, 1.7 million hours of content was watched on LinkedIn Learning during the first week of April, compared with 560,000 hours during the first week of January. Membership in LinkedIn Learning groups was up 130% in March versus February.

Levi’s reports strong results from TikTok’s ‘Shop Now’ button
Levi’s has revealed that it is among the first retailers to have been given access to TikTok’s ‘Shop Now’ button – which allows people to make purchases through links posted to TikTok – and says it has already seen high engagement and increased traffic to its website. As part of the trial, Levi’s partnered with TikTok influencers including Callen Schaub and Everett Williams, who each created and sold their own customised denim.

The Digital 2020 April Global Statshot is here! 
The latest instalment of our Digital 2020 reports is here, and this time we’ve dedicated a significant portion of the report to exploring the changing trends and digital behaviours, following the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Check out our blog for all the latest insight and comprehensive analysis.