#PlayWithPringles: What’s Your Flavour?

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Oh 2020, what a whirlwind you have been so far.

I want you all to cast your minds back to June. Working from home had just surpassed the 100-day mark. Our trackies (or pyjamas, admit it) were our new uniform. And our shoes must have practically thought that we were dead.

Suddenly, there was a glimmer of hope when the UK Government followed in the footsteps of its European counterparts and released a plan to ease the country out of full lockdown. Fast forward another month and restaurants, bars and hairdressers re-opened their doors to the public on the 4th of July. Across Europe, people were finding more and more ways to socialise, increasingly IRL, and in public. And while social occasions are great, adding Pringles always makes them that little bit extra.

Back in April, we launched #PlayWithPringles – a social-first campaign in collaboration with Pringles which aimed to bring people together virtually, at a time when they were forced apart. We injected the fun and playful nature of the Pringles brand by launching a Pringles-themed Snapchat filter for Zoom calls and a Pringles Pop TikTok dance challenge, for the more creative amongst you, which has since surpassed one billion hashtag views, according to TikTok.

But as 2020 continued to evolve, Pringles posed us with a new challenge. How could we build on #PlayWithPringles across Europe, as socialising continues to change with the ease of lockdown?

With the abrupt loss of ‘normal’ life in March, people had found themselves in a new realm of sweatpants, lacking some of life’s simple pleasures – planning that weekend party outfit, perfecting an on-fleek makeup look or posing for a sociable selfie with friends. People had forgotten that they had a whole wardrobe to play with… until now!

Playful Twitter threads from fans comparing Hollywood star Natasha Lyonne and musician Davido to Pringles cans, amongst others, already exist. We saw this as an opportunity to build conversation, encourage creativity and spread humour by creating our own. This fun social insight formed the basis for a campaign which celebrates socialising in its many forms –  whatever the lockdown scenario – by being ‘extra’, bringing some sass and showing us your Pringles flavour through fashion.

Using our expert team of Community Managers to jump on topical social threads and encourage the public to show us their most glamorous, mono-coloured attire, we also partnered with fashion influencer Estare, and lifestyle/comedy creator Mark Ferris to call others to show their flavour, using nifty TikTok transitions and tunes.


##ad Fur coat in the summer? Because I’m cool like that! Me as Salt & Vinegar Pringles. Show me What’s Your [email protected] .uki ##PlayWithPringles

♬ Don’t Stop Don’t Stop – Paul Leary, Nait Masuku

Pringles prides itself on finding moments that connect occasions to food, however big or small. They bring a ‘pop’ to the world, wherever we are, and transform these moments into something unexpectedly social, vibrant and memorable – something that is ever so needed in 2020. So why not dig into your wardrobes this weekend and show us, what’s your flavour?


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This blog was written by Jen Stubley, Account Manager at We Are Social in London.