Digital 2021 HK: Your ultimate guide to the evolving digital world

Special reports

Today we launch Digital 2021: Hong Kong, part of our series of annual global digital reports (check out our global report, Digital 2021, if you haven’t seen it already). This is a comprehensive report covering digital, social and mobile use in Hong Kong.

Internet users here in Hong Kong spent on average almost a whole hour more online each day in 2020 compared to the previous year, with time spent on the internet daily increasing from 6 hours 16 minutes a year ago to 7 hours 15 minutes today, following a year of Covid-19 related lockdowns.

Internet users aged 16-64 spend on average an hour and 57 minutes a day on social media, making it the second most popular online activity for Hong Kongers after watching broadcast and streamed television. YouTube, WhatsApp and Facebook are our most used networks but Snapchat is growing in popularity with figures published in January 2021 by parent company Snap showing its advertising reach in Hong Kong rose by 13% over the previous quarter.

Other key findings in Digital 2021: Hong Kong include: 

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