We Are Social’s Tuesday Tuneup


Facebook turns 20

This month, Facebook turns 20. That’s right, it’s been 20 years since we posted those embarrassing – and definitely now very inappropriate – snaps of university nights out, and spent our evenings ‘poking’ everyone and anyone. Since then, the app has evolved into the world’s most popular social network with 2.11 billion daily users. 

Image Credit: Niall Kennedy

Facebook, now Meta, has revolutionised data collection for targeted ads (leading to a $40 billion revenue in Q4 2023), played a significant role in politics, sparked debate over a blue and black dress, and acquired multiple platforms including WhatsApp, Instagram, and Oculus.

With the growth of the Metaverse, we ask, what will Meta look like in another 20 years? But until then, it’s time for us to reminisce on – and maybe delete – some of those old posts.

Instagram Tests New Preview Feed Post Option 

Instagram is currently testing a new option with select users that enables them to view how feed posts will look on their profile grid before they publish. These users now see a new “Show preview” button within the post composer process. Tap on it, and they are given a preview of where the post will fit into their current profile format, including pinned posts.

Image Credit: Nadja Bella Marrero

Pinterest Publishes New Agency Guide 

Pinterest has published a new “Pinterest Predicts Agency Insights Guide”, which takes a more brand-specific look at the platform’s annual predictions report. Providing additional tips for marketers looking to tap into these trends, the 26-page guide includes pointers on how to maximise Pin campaigns, taps into its data-backed trends, and guides brands on how to use promotions in line with user behaviours.

Image Credit: Pinterest

Google releases multiple new AI tools

Google has released MusicFX, an AI-powered music-generating tool, to all users after its initial release in December. MusicFX lets users enter a text prompt to describe the song they wish to create, and the tool generates two 30-second versions, with options to automatically lengthen the tracks or loop them. Google has also released an accompanying new lyrics generation tool, TextFX. designed to aid in the lyrics-writing process.

Image Credit: Google

Google is also releasing a new AI-powered tool, ImageFX, for image creation. ImageFX lets users create images with a text prompt and then easily modify them with a new take on prompting using “expressive chips” – essentially, a list of keyword suggestions that allow users to build on their creations and ideas.

Image Credit: Google

In other news

YouTube tries red, green, and blue colour feeds. TikTok is testing a feature that automatically identifies products in videos and offers purchase links. YouTube adds playlist analytics and new insights to assist in content planning. Universal Music Group has removed its artist’s music from TikTok.