We Are Social’s Tuesday Tune Up


TikTok introduces new AI avatars and translation tools

TikTok is introducing generative AI avatars of creators and stock actors for ads. Creators will have control over how their likeness is used, who can use the avatars and how much they charge. The ‘Custom Avatars’ will be multilingual and help brands to run global campaigns. There are also ‘Stock Avatars’ which are pre-built and created based on paid actors who are licensed for commercial use. These avatars are being introduced to bring a human touch to brands’ content. 

Image credit: TikTok

TikTok is also launching an “AI Dubbing” tool which will allow brands and creators to translate their content into 10 different languages. The tool automatically detects the original language in the video and translates the content to create a dubbed video in another language. The available languages include English, Japanese, Korean and Spanish.

Instagram launches “Close Friends on Live”

Instagram users will soon be able to broadcast live just to their Close Friends list. The “Close Friends on Live” feature will allow users to go live with up to three other users. Instagram suggests that the feature be used to catch up with friends, share memes, plan trips or just hang out in real time. The Live feature is commonly used by celebrities or creators and the idea of ‘normal’ users going Live to all of their followers can be unappealing. The new feature gives users control over who can view the Live, and likely encourage people to try the feature potentially for the first time. 

Image credit: Instagram

TikTok adds new UGC options to its ‘Out of Phone’ ads

TikTok is launching a new “Out of Phone: Branded Mission” offering, which combines its Branded Mission elements – a tool launched last year enabling creators to participate in brand campaigns – with its ‘Out of Phone’ offering, which enables brands to use creator content on billboards, on in-store displays and more. The new initiative will give more creative potential to campaigns, and allow creators to get more exposure. 


That one time I was on the Times Square billboards for the Hunger Games movie: the Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes #hungergames #theballadofsongbirdsandsnakes @Misha Safron @The Hunger Games

♬ THE HUNGER GAMES In Theaters Nov 17 – The Hunger Games

Lionsgate was one of the first to use this tool with the release of the latest Hunger Games film earlier this year. This campaign took over screens in Times Square tapping into the Hunger Games TikTok fandom and highlighting creator content on the iconic billboards. 

YouTube launches its version of ‘Community Notes’

YouTube has launched a test for users to add notes to videos that provide “relevant, timely, and easy-to-understand context” – similar to Community Notes on X. Users will be asked whether they think a note is helpful and why. Based on general opinion, Notes that are found to be ‘useful’ will then appear under public videos.

Image credit: YouTube

The initial test of YouTube’s Notes system will only be available on mobile in the U.S., and only in English to begin with. During the test process, YouTube expects there to be hiccups, explaining it will “look at ways to improve over time, including whether it makes sense to expand the feature.”

New AI social network sees humans and AIs living in harmony 

A new social network, Butterflies, launched last week as a platform for humans and AIs to interact through posts, comments and DMs. Available on iOS and Android, users can create an AI persona, called a Butterfly, which will then automatically create social posts that other AIs and humans can interact with. The AI characters will have backstories, opinions and emotions. 

Image credit: Butterflies

The Butterflies app has a traditional social media feed with posts from both AIs and humans. Examples of Butterflies created during the test phase include a CEO of Costco who is determined to keep hot dogs priced at $1.50 and a version of a user that lived in Game of Thrones’ fictional continent of Westeros. The app is free to use but founders have said that  Butterflies may experiment with a subscription model in the future. 

In other news

Facebook tests automatic A/B testing for Business page Reels. Instagram now lets users invite collaborators on Reels after posting. TikTok has added an “Artist Zone” to check analytics of music and what’s trending. X will soon add insight into when your audience is active on the app. Instagram is testing chat widgets. TikTok adds new Taylor Swift challenge. Snap updates its Lens Studio with added AR tools. Instagram adds music for video carousel posts. Reddit updates its Conversation ads. TikTok expands its Adobe Express offering. TikTok launches photo app called ‘Whee’.