We Are Social, We Are Hiring

Simon Kemp

Are you a social media enthusiast? Do you believe that social brand communications are the future? Do you want to help shape that future? Then read on…

Since we opened in Asia less than 3 months ago, we’ve been quickly expanding our activities around the region, and we’re now looking to hire the next wave of Social Stars for our Singapore office.

So, if you’d like the chance to join an amazing global team that’s helping to build one of the world’s most exciting companies, now’s your chance!

We’re happy to hear from anyone who considers themself a social media enthusiast, but we have some specific needs right now, so we’d especially like to hear from you if:

Our most immediate needs are for a seasoned Account Director (7+ years experience) and an Account Manager (4+ years experience), but we’ll welcome applications from people at any level.

You can send us your CV by email, but the easiest way to grab our attention is – unsurprisingly – through social media.

We’re active across a lot of different social channels too, so get inventive – just because you’re applying for a job doesn’t mean you need to restrict your activities to LinkedIn! And as with all things social, a targeted, personalised approach will likely be the most persuasive.

Please note that we don’t deal with recruitment agencies – we firmly believe that it’s only those that have the initiative to seek us out, or that shine brightly enough for us to approach them, who are the right people to join our team.