Facebook Marketing’s Engagement Score

Simon Kemp

People often ask us what success looks like on a Facebook page.

Our response is that it always depends on the objectives of the specific page – success will look different for different brands in different categories with different audiences – but we recognise that benchmarks can be useful.

So when I visited the Facebook Marketing page earlier today, it occurred to me that it might be a useful benchmark in itself:

The page has more than 650,000 ‘Likes’, which suggests that a considerable number of people would like to know more about effective marketing on Facebook.

However, individual posts show much lower rates of engagement; the most recent posts are averaging around 150 Likes, 50 Comments, and 30 or so Shares.

If we round this up to around 250 interactions per post, the page is delivering an engagement score of roughly 0.04% (derived from the number of post interactions divided by the total number of page Likes).

That means that only 4 fans in every 10,000 interact with a typical post.

Meanwhile, Facebook’s own reporting system suggests that around 27,600 people are ‘talking about’ the page, which means that around 4% of the page’s fans create some kind of ‘story’ about the page on a weekly basis:

These engagement scores are driven by admins posting every 1 or 2 working days, with post times varying throughout the day.

Posts are a balance of links to external content, videos, and simple posts with questions (although the admins don’t appear to make use of Facebook’s own Questions feature).

It’s worth noting that the page’s admins do sometimes interact with fans, usually to answer questions or provide further detail:

Interestingly, the page does not allow people to post directly on its wall. This might be due  in part to concerns about off-topic posts, something that the page’s comment policy refers to as well:

Comment Policy:
We love your feedback and we welcome relevant, insightful comments and discussions. Please be respectful and stay on topic. We reserve the right to delete profane, harassing, abusive, off-topic and spam comments or posts and to block repeat offenders.

However, the page does appear to have activated the Private Messages feature we covered a few weeks ago, as you can see from the button on the right-hand side of this screenshot:

Another interesting observation is that the page share frequent links to content from third parties, such as this article on Mashable:

The page’s admins have also added a little bit of personality too – for example, here’s the list of other pages that Facebook Marketing Solutions has ‘Liked’:

It’s worth pointing out that the page shares a lot of useful information and resources for marketers, so why not take a look and find out how to boost your own page’s Engagement score.