Five Friday Facts #11


Here’s our Five Friday Facts before we head off to start pigging out on CNY goodies over the long weekend. Wishing everyone a Happy and Prosperous Chinese New Year!

mig33 launches ‘miniblog’
Singapore-based mobile social network mig33, which has over 55 million users, has launched a new ‘miniblog’ service currently in beta. Its limited release from 30 days back has already accumulated over 300,000 daily active users. Unlike other microblogging platforms, mig33’s miniblog is integrated with the company’s third-party games, chat, and profiles.

Google+ Numbers
Official numbers from Google state that Google+ now has 90 million users globally, of which 54 million are daily active users. 60% of Google+ users engage daily, while 80% are active weekly. Although it sounds impressive, the number of daily active users might stem from any use of Google’s suite of services, rather than from Google+ alone. It’s notable that Google+ has introduced  “a new feature every day” since they launched in June last year, which equates to more than 200 updates in total.

Stats on our stats
We’ve had 160,000 views of our in-depth country reports on the Social, Digital and Mobile landscape around Asia, and more than 25,000 views of our Social, Digital and Mobile Worldwide report in the 3 days since we published it on Tuesday. Thanks everyone!

Internet ad spend overtakes print media in China
According to data from iResearch, Internet advertising spending increased by more than 50% last year to finally overtake print media ad spending in China. Total online ad spend was estimated to be 51.19 billion yuan or US$8.11 billion in 2011, an increase of 57.3% from 2010, which surpassed print media’s 45.36 billion yuan  or US$7.19 billion. This suggests that Internet ad spending will continue to increase as more brands capitalise on China’s more than 505 million Internet users.

Generation-Y, employment and Facebook
A study by Millennial Branding reveals how young people aged 18 – 29 are increasingly extending their professional identities onto Facebook. Even though only 36% list their jobs on Facebook, they add an average of 16 co-workers as friends on Facebook. 53% have more than 5 work friends, while 40% have more than 10 work friends on Facebook. Altogether, Gen-Y users have an average of 696 friends on Facebook. They also present themselves to be very entrepreneurial, as ‘owner’ is the 5th most popular job title listed by them on Facebook.