Five Friday Facts #9


We’ll round off this first week of 2012 with our 5 Friday Facts. Hope everyone managed to conquer that dreaded backlog amassed over the holiday break!

Social interactivity higher in China and India than in US
Forrester’s Social Technographics data shows that 80% of Indians and 76% of Chinese netizens surveyed are creators of content, as compared to a mere 24% of Americans. This means that 8 in 10 adults are blogging, publishing web pages, or uploading videos online in India, with China only slightly behind.

A billion texts sent from Kakao Talk everyday
South Korean mobile application Kakao Talk is a chat messaging service that sees 1 billion texts sent through its service everyday. Similar to Whatsapp in which users can send and receive messages inclusive of text, emoticons, photos and videos, Kakao Talk has more than 30 million members, most of which are daily active users, while 6 million are allegedly overseas users.

Groupon leads group-buying market in Taiwan
Groupon has 52.37% of market share in the group-buying industry in Taiwan, nearly twice that of its closest contender Gomaji, which has 24.2%. Groupon seems to be faring better in Taiwan than it did in mainland China, even though the entire industry shrank slightly by 0.9%.

Consumers prefer sending emails in their communication with brands
Even though brands are increasingly relying on social media to better engage their customers, it’s interesting to note that email is still the preferred channel for those who wish to communicate with a brand. A survey by the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council and Lithium showed that 65% of consumers surveyed would send an email, 50% would fill out a form on the company website, while 44% would call a customer service line. In comparison, 33% would post on the brand’s Facebook page, while only 12% would tweet. Of course, with the new private message function on Facebook, we might see the preference for email decline.

Social media resolutions for the new year
Posterous surveyed 2,000 Americans to discover what were some social media New Year’s resolutions they had. Privacy was the topmost agenda, with 44% of respondents wishing to create a platform to share content privately with close friends and family, while 42% of respondents wanted to be more careful about what they shared. 25% of respondents vowed to spend less time updating their social media accounts. We’re not fooled.