Social Media Week Singapore


Social Media Week Singapore was a whirlwind of events – we were rushing for sessions to and fro the office, intently listening to the speakers while live-tweeting, and at the same time reading activity from the tweetwall, and replying to those soundbites too. It was a sheer lesson in multi-tasking.

It was interesting to see how social media has permeated all forms of industries, even law, as well as our local culture. The prevalent use of social media when it comes to food, whether it’s us posting reviews on HungryGoWhere, or taking pictures of our food (so Singaporean) and posting it on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr etc. so that we could show all our friends what we had for dinner, was addressed in the form of The Great Food Debate, where food bloggers, food critics, and the people came head to head (but not to blows thankfully). Besides that, the Singaporean penchant for political commentary was also referenced in a fiery session, or rather, ‘face-off’, between TR Emeritus and The Online Citizen, two local socio-political websites.

In addition to these intense panel discussions, there were also fun and lighthearted Afternoon Speakeasies. We Are Social‘s very own Simon Kemp gave a brief rundown on how you can become a social media superstar, while GoodStuph presented its latest chapter of #GOODStories, in which 6 strangers (well not quite) shared their stories of how social media impacted their lives, or livelihood. We also met Martin Pasquier, otherwise known fondly as “CanManLondon“, and heard his adventures through Singapore surviving on 10 items in his bag alone.

It was great how the event brought a whole host of different people together over a common interest – we met people from brands, agencies, lawyers, DJs and globetrotters. Many thanks to AKA Asia for having organised Social Media Week Singapore; we’re looking forward to next year’s edition already! In the meantime, here’s our #SMWSG infographic so that those who missed out on it get a brief summary – in numbers. For those who find the design somewhat familiar, we were so in love with the tweetwall by JamiQ and Swarm that we decided to pay homage to it. They brought the online offline, and we’re bringing it back online again.

And seeing as @eskimon missed adding a tweet credit to @yasz for his awesome “Planning to go viral is like planning to fall in love” quote during the #GOODStories session (#eskimonfail!), we’d like to give Yas the big shout he deserves for summing up the concept so succinctly and inspiring the week’s most retweeted post.