Five Friday Facts #17


Mobile more popular than TV 
A new survey by InMobi has revealed some interesting statistics about how mobile has permeated the lives of Singaporeans50% of respondents regarded mobile as their primary or exclusive means of accessing the Internet. 44% had discovered something new while 27% found better options via mobile advertising, and 29% found relevant products and services nearby using their mobile devices. Singaporeans also appear to be more tolerant of mobile advertising, with 71% of respondents claiming to be comfortable with mobile advertising as they are with TV or online advertisements, which is 5% higher than the global average. When it comes to making purchase decisions, 47% of Singaporean consumers who responded refer to their mobile devices before making a purchase, compared to 34% who rely on TV. Most importantly, Singaporeans seem to be very active in mobile payments, with 52% having made transactions over their mobile device, and a further 70% planning to perform mobile commerce activities this year. Perhaps mobile payments could really take off in Singapore.

How Indians access YouTube
A significant number of Indians access YouTube via their mobile devices. In particular, 29% of YouTube views in India come from mobile. This figure came from Ad:tech 2012‘s Master Class series, during which the engagement generated by YouTube videos was also shared. 63% of users search on YouTube for related videos, 57% of users watch another related video, and 52% read comments posted for the video.

China’s Internet population
According to data from CNNIC used to compile this infographic byThem, China’s Internet population is now 513 million big. 55% of China’s Internet population is male, the other 45% female, and each user spends about 2.7 hours online every day. China’s e-commerce industry is seeing tremendous growth , with 6 trillion RMB in e-commerce transactions that is growing 45% year-on-year and encompasses a total of 190 million online shoppers. 44% of Internet users shop online at least once a week. China’s Internet users are also active on social media. 50% of users have more than 1 social network profile, and 30% log into a social network at least once a day.

A marketer’s guide to Pinterest
There’s been much ado made about Pinterest for the past couple of months, but we couldn’t resist posting this lovely infographic by MDG Advertising. Its users are overwhelmingly female, 87% of its users to be precise, and the majority who are “pinning” are 35 to 44. Pinterest hit 11.7 million unique monthly US visitors in January 2012, and although its referral traffic to websites of 3.6% for the month of January pales in comparison to Facebook’s 26.4%, it has potential for growth as long as marketers’ interest in its platform as an effective network for branding and engagement with audiences is sustained.

The Oscars on Twitter
The 84th annual Academy Awards was not as tweeted about as the Grammy Awards were, but still let’s take a look at how the Twitterverse reacted. The show was tweeted about 2.05 million times throughout the 3-hour program, and peaked at 18,718 tweets per minute during Cirque du Soleil’s performance at the award ceremony. Meryl Streep received the most mentions amongst other award nominees with 74,793 tweets, and Hugo was the film most mentioned with 110,179 tweets.