Five Friday Facts #20


Zynga buys OMGPOP which spawned smash hit ‘Draw Something’
Just last week, we featured the amazing success of OMGPOP’s Draw Something mobile gaming application that saw 20 million downloads in just 5 weeks. This week, Zynga has acquired OMGPOP for US$178.5 million, while paying an additional US$30 million in employee retention. Apart from Draw Something, Zynga will be getting another 35 titles from OMGPOP. To date, Draw Something has achieved 35 million downloads, with an engaged audience of 15 million daily users. That’s an increase of 15 million downloads in a mere week!

Sina Weibo’s Enterprise accounts
Sina has released a white paper report (in Mandarin) on its Enterprise weibo accounts, of which restaurants take the lion’s share of said accounts. The restaurants and dining sector has 50,000 registered accounts, and the next biggest sector of Cars and Transportation is a far second with around 7,500 accounts. I’m actually surprised not more fashion retailers have established Enterprise weibo accounts considering there’s usually a lot of sharing about fashion on Sina Weibo. The average Enterprise weibo account has 5,000 followers and 56% of Sina Weibo users follow at least one Enterprise account.

New stats on Twitter users
Twitter recently celebrated its 6th birthday, and released some new user statistics on its official blog. It now has 140 million active users, with 340 million tweets sent every single day, which equates to more than 1 billion tweets sent every 3 days (we contribute just a minute fraction of the share).

Facebook page statistics
Optimization firm studied 1.7 million Facebook pages and discovered that 56% of pages have fewer than 256 fans. 21% of pages have 10,000 to 100,000 fans, 3% have 100,000 to 1 million fans, and only 0.01% of pages have more than 1 million fans. Unsurprisingly, politicians are a great topic of conversation, having the highest average of 415 ‘People Talking About This’. Companies are not as effective in engaging their fans, with an average of 233 ‘People Talking About This’ while local businesses see 100 ‘People Talking About This’.

How social log-ins and sharing affect e-commerce
This infographic by Monetate emphasises the importance of increasing the social functionality of one’s e-commerce site, be it through social sharing widgets or social log-ins via Facebook Connect for example. On average, 75% of online purchases are not made because visitors cannot be bothered with registering for an account before making a purchase. Social log-ins help to ease this process, and in 2011 41% of visitors to e-commerce sites used social log-ins as compared to 24% who registered via guest accounts. Consumers who can’t comment or share using their social identities spend only an average of 5 minutes on the site, whereas consumers who share content using a social log-in spend around 11 minutes 35 seconds on site. Time spent on the site increases to 15 minutes 35 seconds when consumers comment using the social log-in.