Top Facebook Pages in Asia, September 2012


SocialBakers have published their latest edition of Top Facebook Pages around the world for the month of September. Here’s a selection of reports on some of the Asian countries –  Indonesia, India, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Hongkong and Pakistan.

Indonesia witnessed the largest growth in Facebook users in Asia last month. There were 4 million new Indonesians getting onboard the social networking site. The top performing pages are as follows:

India’s growth is right behind Indonesia’s, having added 3 million new Facebook users in the last month. Indian Facebook users seem to be keen on brand pages, with their biggest brand pages ranging from anywhere between 3.2 million and 9.2 million fans. Indonesia on the other hand, despite being home to a similarly large community, witnessed a relatively smaller range in terms of size of brand pages’ fan base.

The Philippines’ report shows a noticeable difference in fan base for brand pages (1.9 million fans for the top page) and media pages (2.5 million fans for the top page). This is really interesting because unlike India, where brand pages were more sought after than media pages, the Filipinos prove to be more keen on being part of the media community so that they will be updated on the latest news, especially entertainment news.

Malaysia’s top performing brand pages – Air Asia and McDonald’s Malaysia – continued to see constant growth in their fan base, reaching a milestone of 1.6 million and 1.3 million fans respectively. Volkswagen Malaysia topped the charts for its page engagement which tripled from last month’s. ‘The icon is back’, a photo album flaunting the return of the Beetle, was a definite win for the brand in the month of September – the album garnered over 33,500 Likes, 760 Comments and more than 1,800 Shares.

It is not often that Socialbakers releases a report on Thailand. Thai fans engage actively with brand pages, with engagement rates ranging from anywhere between 12% and 72%, with the exception of the most engaging brand of the month (279%).

Pakistan continues to grow at a slow but steady rate with no drastic changes from last month’s report.

Hongkong’s report is a first of its kind. It’s interesting to note that Samsung HK, Samsung Mobile HK and Sony HK were the country’s most socially devoted brands given that they are not amongst the biggest Facebook communities in Hongkong.