Top Facebook Pages in Asia, Jan 2013 [Part 2]


Following the first set of reports on the top performing pages in Asia for the month of January, here are the remaining Asian countries that Socialbakers have reported on.

South Korea is nearing its 10 Million milestone on Facebook. Due to the language and cultural uniqueness of Korea, local pages work better than the global brand pages. The report reveals that 9 out of the 10 top brands pages are local pages.

The Philippines did not witness any significant changes on its top performing Facebook pages from the previous month.

Socialbakers does not regularly report on the Facebook scene in Japan. The infographic revealed an interesting finding – all of the top performing pages are local pages. This could be due to the language and cultural uniqueness of the Japan that does not draw people to the global pages.

Singapore’s Facebook numbers have plateaued out  recently and hence, there has been no drastic difference in the overall Facebook population. However, the top performing posts revealed something interesting: One of the most popular posts was an apologetic content from telephone operator M1 with regards to their recent technical difficulty, which brought about an unexpected surge of negative sentiments to the page. The post received 5741 interactions with a bulk of them being complaints. Obviously, it is not an ideal situation for any company but this illustrates a crisis scenario that every brand should be prepared for.