12 Things Singaporeans Tweeted On National Day


So last Saturday afternoon, I plopped down on the couch to catch the National Day Parade, and boy, was I in for a show. Singaporeans may tend to complain A LOT about Singapore, but on 9th August, there’s always that sense of pride to call this little red dot our Home.

I was curious to find out what Singaporeans had to say on National Day and lucky me, it was raining tweets all day. Here’s what I found:

1) Singaporeans are especially patriotic on National Day

2) We are proud to be in a multiracial society


3) We all agree it was a good decision not to have an NDP song this year


4) This year’s NDP was (surprisingly) good..


5) We hope to see LKY next year


6) Tony Tan reminds us of…


7) We missed SR Nathan…


However, as Singaporeans, nothing goes by without a little complaining..


8) Outfits were too colourful for some people


9) We noticed some important friends were missing from the party


10) We’re not huge fans of the rap/hip hop going on..


11) And where was Gurmit?


12) Lastly, the fireworks. You know, I know. 


All in all, #SG49 exceeded my expectations above and beyond. Here’s looking forward to #SG50 – it’s gonna be a big one. But before I go… here’s what you really missed.