We Are Social Asia Tuesday Tuneup #169


Tencent market value breaks US$200 billion for the first time ever
Chinese internet giant, Tencent, has hit a new record high when its stock closed at HK$170.50 on Monday. The company’s total market value is now above US$200 billion, bringing it close to companies such as Facebook that is valued at US$231 billion.

Singtel launches new chat messaging app, Wavee.
With a tried and true approach found in most chat messaging apps, Wavee does it all by letting you send messages, stickers, photos and also make calls over VoIP. Wavee has also been compared to popular alternatives that has been on the market for a while now: Skype, Whatsapp, Line, WeChat and Viber. A stand-out feature of Wavee is that it lets users draw and send sketches through the app, something not common to most chat messaging apps.

Facebook reveals messenger.com
Still reeling from the passing of MSN Messenger? Well, it’s good news for desktop chat fiends, as Facebook has launched a dedicated web interface for its Messenger app. It’s available to English speakers worldwide. Of course, you can still message via facebook.com if you prefer.


Twitter updates RTs, Search and app brand profiles
Twitter has updated its retweet feature, making it much easier to add a comment before sharing a RT with your followers. You can see how it works in the below example, which I just found on the internet somewhere and definitely didn’t spend time creating.

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 3.07.38 PM

The network is also making a couple of updates to its ‘Search’ function: detailed ‘trending topics’ within Search are replacing ‘Discover’ on mobile, while they’re experimenting with simplifying the desktop layout, including an option to view ‘Live’ tweets in chronological order.

Finally, they’re are testing letting businesses pin an app to the top of their profile in Twitter’s iPhone app. The feature is currently being tested by the likes of Periscope and Uber. Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 3.20.37 PM Interactive cards to appear on YouTube ads YouTube is now allowing advertisers to add interactive overlay cards to skippable video adverts. This allows brands to include more information and could well be lucrative for YouTube; now, if viewers skip an ad but click on the card, the platform will still receive a fee. YouTube_TrueViewCards3x2 LinkedIn buys Lynda.com LinkedIn has made its biggest acquisition to date, the $1.5bn purchase of online education site Lynda.com, home to videos and tutorials on everything from Photoshop to web development. LinkedIn users will now receive prompts to relevant courses, as explained by content head Ryan Roslansky:

Imagine being a job seeker and being able to instantly know what skills are needed for the available jobs in a desired city, like Denver, and then to be prompted to take the relevant and accredited course to help you acquire this skill.

Ad Age discussed the value of the move beyond LinkedIn’s plans around “connecting people to opportunity”. It will provide access to Lynda’s data and all that entails; we could well see the ability to serve ads to those who have completed certain courses, or recruiters being notified when they do so. LinkedIn launches Elevate LinkedIn has unveiled its latest app, Elevate, which suggests articles to users and allows them to share said stories across LinkedIn and Twitter. Anyone can download the app, but you’ll have to pay to use it. If you do subscribe, expect to see more networks, such as Facebook, added soon.screen-shot-2015-04-13-at-04-13-43 Snapchat’s Coachella filters Snapchat released a set of time-specific geofilters for Coachella. Each related to a certain artist and was only available while they were on stage. Sadly, there wasn’t one for Shorty Jizzle and the Plumber Cracks. snapchat-coachella-filters Brands jump on Instagram’s carousel A number of brands are using Instagram’s new ‘carousel’ ad feature, which includes four photos and a link. Examples we’ve seen so far: Old Navy has produced a day-in-the-life series, Showtime has highlighted characters from ‘Penny Dreadful’ and Tiffany has juxtaposed a watch with New York architecture.
Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 4.40.59 PM

Mountain Dew turns fan tweets into ads
Mountain Dew has brought back its popular Baja Blast flavour for a limited period. To promote this, it started posting discreet images of the flavour on its social channels, without making an overt announcement. This led to a fair bit of excitement on Twitter and beyond; the brand is now using celebratory user-generated tweets in its own online ads.

Stuart Weitzman combines Instagram and Facebook ads
Fashion brand Stuart Weitzman has launched a campaign that ties together Instagram and Facebook ads, as users are served videos on the former, followed by product posts on the latter. The promotion also includes the use of cinemagraphs, which, in the words of fashion icon Mugatu, are so hot right now.Boho

Brands prepare for the return of Game of Thrones
GAME OF THRONES IS BACK. Brands are as excited as I am, or at least they’re telling us so on social media. Here are some examples, including Sesame Street’s Iron Throne-worthy ‘Game of Chairs’.