We Are Gold-en, and proud of it


Our win at Marketing Interactive’s 2015 Loyalty & Engagement Awards was a rather significant milestone in the (almost) four year history of the Singapore branch of We Are Social. We are very proud to take home this award – the first of hopefully many more golds to come.

We Are Social Gold Award

While the award for ‘Best Use of Experiential/Live Marketing‘ may not be a Cannes Lion, it is symbolic of how empowered teams can come together and produce great results and a very interesting story, which you can find out more about here.

We’re proud of what this says about our team, which is not your atypical mix of abundantly youthful, heavily caffeinated agency types. This is a team that is deeply passionate and motivated by an inner desire to change the conventions of brand marketing and communications, while having a bit of fun along the way (see evidence below).

We Are Social Singapore
Presenting our oft-caffeinated cast of social thinkers!

We Are Social Loyalty Engagement Awards
Su Lin and Nicole are golden! Photo courtesy Marketing Interactive.

We know that change is not easy, particularly in an industry fraught with tried but somewhat tired models of perceived audience engagement and measurement. I mean, how much relevance does a GRP really have in 2015? And just how many people are really interacting with your ad banner, given the continued uptake of ad blockers?

Those who ‘get it’ have realised the game has changed and the ones who are leading it understand that real value and return is generated through authentic audience engagement. That was the essence of Lenovo’s #lightandseek initiative: to engage, provide a unique experience and to get people talking.

We are in an era that is no longer about ‘push’ communications; the consumer of 2015 desires meaningful conversations and authentic relationships with the brands they invest in, and the products and services that they consume. (For more on this, we recommend you check out Simon Kemp’s recently updated Social Brands presentation).

Social media has redefined the relationship between brand and consumer, and continues to fuel an increased willingness of consumers to amplify their voice and be recognized as more than just a number within a quarterly performance report. Or a converted lead.

That is why We Are Social. It’s why ‘social thinking’ is at the heart of what we do. We believe the conventions of marketing must evolve, and that this is a new era of conversation not interruption for brand marketers and consumers alike.

Don’t you?