Gotta catch ’em all… on Twitter
Twitter’s jumping on the Pokemon bandwagon by adding Pokemon stickers to its sticker collection. It has also been increasing its sticker collections to promote the use of stickers amongst its users, which also acts as a visual hashtag. Tapping on the stickers will allow you to see other public photos that contains the same sticker. You can add these pokemon to any photo via the mobile app. Go ahead and add them all!

Twitter refines mute function
Twitter has expanded its mute feature to go beyond muting accounts to muting specific words, phrases and even conversations. At first glance, it may seem that the updated mute function works best for muting trolls and monitoring hate, but for TV show lovers on the other side of the planet, waiting for the release of the next G.O.T episode is usually quite a challenge in terms of making sure one does not accidentally step on any spoiler mines on the internet. Which I think, this mute function will be a lifesaver for, no more spoilers when you can prevent them.
Snapchat updates at a glance

The last quarter of 2016 brings many new exciting updates to SnapChat users. It seems like Snapchat is broadening its horizons and taking over the future by storm. Here are some of the cool new features we have not covered:

Snapchat World Lens
It was only a matter of time before Snapchat expands beyond facial recognition and moves to inject animation into our reality. A smart, well-calculated move to launch this around the same time as Spectacles for Snapchat’s world domination. With the launch of 7 different lenses including falling snow and bursting stars, we can only wait in anticipation for exciting lenses to be added in the future.
Screen Shot 2016-11-22 at 10.32.22 am
Share snaps from and to friends
You’re now able to send one of your friend’s Snaps to someone else. Despite Snapchat being one of the top social media apps, it’s not shareable content by any means. With this new update, it has gone from a one man broadcast to a multi way street. We can imagine this is the day marketers and brands have been waiting for.

GoPro launches first scripted TV ad as part of its biggest global campaign ever
GoPro has recently launched it’s first scripted TV ad, which will run in the U.S. and several other markets such as Spain, France, Korea and Australia. Alongside the TV spot will be a series of digital video ads aimed at creating around 1.4 billion impressions. As the brand’s largest campaign to date, it hopes to capture the diversity of its users over the past few years. From adventure enthusiasts to people just going about their everyday lives, the TV spot hopes to show how the camera can be used by just about anyone. If you haven’t already seen the video, you can find the ad here.Screen Shot 2016-11-21 at 11.48.59 am
Facebook testing messenger rooms in some countries
Think chatrooms on MSN Messenger and ICQ remain relics of the past? Think again. Facebook is bringing chatrooms back, this time, inside Messenger. Messenger rooms can be either private or public, allowing you to chat about any topic under the sun with friends and families, or even strangers. It’s interesting to note that this is not the first time Facebook has tried to bring chat rooms back. Messenger group chats and Rooms were their previous attempts. Maybe 3rd time’s a charm?
Image credit: The Courier Mail

Amazon Prime celebrates InterFaith week
In celebration of InterFaith week in Britain this week, Amazon releases a heartwarming yet powerful message about selflessness and consideration of others with a thought provoking video about tolerance. Showing a Christian vicar and a Muslim imam exchanging gifts, this truly stands out in the sea of Christmas ads showdown by spreading social good instead.
Screen Shot 2016-11-17 at 5.47.17 pm