Facebook Live goes 360, Twitter plays catch up with live streaming
If Facebook’s 360 videos excites you, guess what –now they’re coming to you LIVE. Until now, Facebook has been offering live streaming video and pre-recorded 360 videos. Facebook’s live 360 vids will be available to all Pages and Profiles in 2017, with support made available to select partners in coming months.
Meanwhile NatGeo has snagged the opportunity to use this first, tapping on the feature to promote its Mars space-travel series.

Things are looking pretty laggard for Twitter though. 
They’ve only announced just live streaming – a move they find necessary to catch up with Facebook Live. Unfortunately it also looks like a murderous stab at Periscope, a live-streaming app Twitter acquired barely over a year ago in August 2015.

Snapchat launches Group Chat, Facebook also introduces Group Chats, but on Messenger for video
This Christmas, “Snappers” have a new way to communicate up to 16 friends. Groups may be created while sending a Snap, or by creating a new chat. In true Snapchat style, every snap sent within a Group will be deleted within 24 hours. Similarly, you will able to view and replay a Snap only once and any Snap that is not opened, gets deleted in 24 hours.

Meanwhile, Facebook is working hard to bolster its video options.
They’ve introduced another kind of Group Chat, but for video on Facebook Messenger. Group video calls can be made between 50 participants, topping Google Hangout and Microsoft Skype’s at just 10.  

Bacardi and Swizz Beatz let you be the DJ
Bacardi turns the tables on it’s latest execution with Instagram Stories, transforming the platform feature into an interactive DJ set. Users can skip back and forth between tracks by tapping left and right, allowing them to put their own spin to the music played.

Nuff said, go check it out.