The most breathtaking Oscars 2017 moment goes to…
Undoubtedly –when “Lala Land” was incorrectly announced Best Picture winner instead of “Moonlight”.  LaLa Land producers were halfway through their acceptance speech before being told about the mistake.  
While those in the U.S. were losing their heads, Asia Pac was drawing comparisons to a similar screw up involving Miss Philippines.

Elsewhere, Asia Pac responded well when actors from their respective home countries were represented at the Oscars. These included Bollywood actor Om Puri, who received a tribute that evening, as well as Priyanka Chopra and Jackie Chan.
Share up to 10 photos and videos in one post on Instagram
The feature is already live, and functions like Facebook Carousel. Instead of just one image/video per post, you can publish up to 10 and swipe through them all.
Keen to get started? Here are some ways you can try experimenting with it.

Southeast Asians are the world’s heaviest users of Facebook
We’re a savvy bunch. Mobile too.
According to a report by AOL, 69% of Southeast Asians watch or read on Facebook everyday, compared to just 51% globally.
Most of them are also heavy smartphone video consumers – 72% of them watch online videos on their smartphones on a daily basis, compared to 60% on a PC and 28% with a connected TV.

Dick the Dog is full of mischief and safe sex
This is an ad by Ogilvy Hong Kong for MTV’s Staying Alive Foundation. It features a playful, adventurous dog called Dick who prances around town in a little raincoat, and will air in more than 50 countries around the world.