140 characters for your replies on Twitter
Now you can reply to someone or a group, those @usernames won’t count toward your Tweet’s 140 characters. This updates were made, based on feedback from users as well as research & experimentation. In the tests of this new experience, Twitter found that there is more conversation engagements.

Now it’s easier to follow a conversation, so you can focus on what discussion is about, and who is having it. This allows us to have more room to participate in group conversations.

United Airlines Unites Twitter
Twitter was the vehicle of choice yesterday when news broke of a passenger getting dragged off a United Airlines plane. Fellow passengers tweeted footage of the incident as it unfolded , swiftly gaining the attention of news outlets in the process. Twitter then took off with the #UnitedJourneys hashtag  – launched just days earlier by United Airlines – steering it in a different direction with irate responses  to the fiasco and amplifying the airline’s PR nightmare. Sure, Twitter’s growth might be declining, but it still seems to play a niche role as the go-to platform for real-time responses – and the making or breaking of a trend.

Speaking of trends, does anyone remember the last time a United Airlines misstep went viral ?

McDonald’s launches ‘Snaplications’ campaign recruiting teens from Snapchat
Love snap-chatting? Now, you might get yourself a job by doing so.

McDonalds’ has partnered up with Snapchat to launch ‘Snaplications’ where Australian teenagers can get to a chance to work in one the biggest fast-food chain outlets.

The application process seems pretty simple. All they need to do is to snap a short introduction of themselves in a virtual Macdonald’s lens and submit it back to Macdonald’s snapchat account.

Fret not if you think that 10 seconds is too short to make an impression. Right after user sends their job snaps, Mcdonald’s will reply with a link to their career site prompting applicants to complete the process.