Open Your World And Bond Over A Heineken Beer

In its latest social experiment advertisment, titled Worlds Apart, we see Heineken bring together three pairs of strangers with fundamentally opposing views about feminism, climate change and LGBT rights. The participants were tasked to build chairs, table and eventually a bar, as well as to share more about themselves with each other. They were then showed a short film about themselves expressing their polarised beliefs, and were given a choice to either walk away or sit down and discuss their beliefs over beer – all of them chose to stay.

Through this ad that is part of Heineken’s Open Your World campaign, Heineken beautifully waived in their brand value of openness – to bring people together and break through barriers that divide us. The social experiment also intended to get consumers to find common ground, even between the most divided groups of people.

We’ve seen how brands can go wrong when addressing social issues, but hey all we can say is: Heineken, you’ve nailed it this time!

Yet Another Amusing Face-transformation FaceApp

Lately, if you have been on social media enough, the latest fad is another face morphing app. The FaceApp transforms pictures of people into an older self, baby face, smiley, attractive, an opposite gender version – somewhat amusing, albeit creepy.

So what’s different this time? According to the founder, the photorealism and neural networks technology used to transform the face is much more advanced and flattering, altering the photo naturally instead of simply adding a filter over the photo.

If you are in it for some laughs, the FaceApp is worth trying out to (perhaps) make your day.

POSB’s Video-teller Machine

Singapore’s local bank, POSB’s video-teller machines is just what we have been anticipating from banks and technology. They have just unveiled their latest video-teller – promoting ‘face-to-face’ interaction with banks, as well as convenience and accessibility.

Other than the usual ATM functions, the important features of this video support machine addresses the most common issues faced: being able to replace lost debit cards and iBanking tokens on the spot. And even better news, it is is available 24/7 at nine locations around Singapore.