Finsta vs Rinsta: Will the real Insta profile please stand up?
Teenagers are holding more than one Instagram account – two to be exact, to showcase the “real” and “fake” sides of themselves.
Rinsta stands for “Real Instagram”, curated for public consumption, while Finsta or Fake Instagram, are private accounts holding messy and more intimate photos of themselves.

If you aren’t confused already by what’s real and fake at this point, imagine what it must be those analysing online audience personas and profiles on social media.
If anything, it highlights the need to study along the line of personas more than ever. It also suggests a more nuanced approach to content as users represent themselves in a variety of forms.
Helps too that Instagram has a hand in this. They’re pushing prompt users to sign up for more than one account so they can meet their goal of 1 billion active users in a month. They just passed the 700 million mark in April.

Facebook Debuts “Latest Conversations” for a wider view on what’s buzzing
Facebook has unveiled a new feature called “Latest Conversations” which shows the latest posts around topics that people are discussing publicly online. This is meant to give users a wider view on what’s buzzing on a news story, hopefully giving users a greater exposure to what’s being discussed outside their social circles.
“Latest Conversations” appears as its own section within Facebook search (alongside photos, videos, news articles..etc) and includes a live-counter showing how many people are talking about it at that time.

KFC’s serves up cringe-worthy attempt to deliver fried chicken to a flooded village in the Philippines
So here’s how it goes.
KFC discovers 68 turning 69 years old Nanay Cora, finds out that she’s not celebrated her birthday since age 8 when her mother died, decides to send crispy fried chicken to her “perpetually flooded” village on an amphibious vehicle.

Not getting goosepimples yet? Watch it here.
And once you’re done, check out the responses.

In the last week, KFC Philippines’ video post has garnered 1.7 million views, 29K reactions and over 6K shares.
It certainly wasn’t to everyone’s taste, but it clearly works for their audience. Remember Jollibee’s Kwentong Valentine Series?