Snap introduces Snapmap, a location-sharing feature to share stories with your friends
Snapmap allows Snapchat users to share their location and stories with friends on a map. To access the feature, pinch your Snapchat camera, and you’ll see a map with ActionMoji, indicating what your friends are doing in their various locations. Snapchat Story posts can be submitted to Our story to be featured for 24 hours. You can also send messages to your friends from there. For a clearer picture of how it all works, check out this intro video.

Facebook Live introduces closed captions for deaf and hard of hearing users
Facebook is bringing closed captioning to Facebook Live to make some of the videos streamed live accessible to people who are deaf and hard of hearing. Not all Live videos will have closed captions. But if publishers deploy captions and if users turn them on, users will automatically see the closed captions on Live broadcasts. Facebook videos that are not live-streamed already had this capability, but only if the publishers offer captions.

Pantene and Downy Indonesia bring children and mothers together this Idul Fitri
Another cool Ramadhan campaign, this time from Indonesia.

The campaign focuses on the custom of asking for forgiveness every Idul Fitri season. In Indonesian culture however, this isn’t something that comes about directly and openly. The campaign then took to social media – a place where Indonesians are more expressive and vocal to share what they would ask for forgiveness from their mums this Idul Fitri season.
The best social media posts were picked, and the mothers of the winners were invited to surprise concert where they witness their children singing a song of forgiveness to the tune of Kasih Ibu (A Mother’s Love), a well-loved children’s song in Indonesia. The song was viewed over six million times, three weeks after its launch on Youtube. Check out the full video here.