By Kristie Neo, Candice Novia

Facebook Live allows you to broadcast in VR
This new feature basically brings Oculus’s Spaces existing VR capabilities into a live, social setting. Facebook users can set up a virtual camera within Spaces that can be placed anywhere in the VR environment, and stream that interaction to other Facebook users live. Facebook friends get to comment and ask questions during the Facebook Live stream. The VR user also has the ability to respond to these comments. To get a better sense of how this looks like, watch this video.
This feature is currently live in the Spaces app, and should be used with a Oculus Rift headset.

Brands can now buy ad space within Facebook’s Messenger app
Facebook is creating new opportunities for brands. This time, it’s on their Messenger app. Starting this week, the previously ad-free app will now allow marketers to increase their exposure using various display formats. The ads were previously tested in Thailand and Australia since the earlier part of this year, and is now in the midst of a global rollout. With 1.2 billion users on the app, it’s safe to say brands who score a spot will definitely be able to get lots of visibility.

A clever use of Instagram tags to bring out the invisible stories written by children
A creative use of Instagram and tagging here. 826 Valencia is a non-profit that encourages children to learn through creative writing. This campaign taps on the way Instagram-mers tag friends on their posts. With a single tap, viewers unveil a stories written by the children at 826 Valencia. Watch the full video here.