By Iggy Loh, Kristie Neo

Expect lots of new updates for Instagram Stories soon
Instagram is in the midst of introducing a number of new features for Stories. Most of these are still in the initial testing stages, but you can expect them to be rolled out pretty soon. Here are 3 features you can expect:

  1. Upload new Stories directly from the web
    In other words, this expands the mobile-only feature for Stories, allowing them to be uploaded and viewed on the web. For brands, it definitely presents greater flexibility when it comes to publishing and planning of content. Instagram recently shared that businesses that share Stories on its platform have a higher likelihood of generating conversions. 1 in 5 Instagram Stories posted by a business receives a Direct Message reply. This feature isn’t fully rolled out yet, but should be so in coming months.

  2. Stories that last longer than 24 hours
    According to The Next Web, a new “Last Week” section appeared on the app for selected users. Currently Instagram only keeps Stories no longer than 24 hours. If introduced, this will expand the capabilities for businesses to plan and execute content over a longer time frame.

  3. Post Stories onto your Facebook feed
    A much needed update given the rather bleak response to Facebook Stories. This is one feature that will allow marketers to build a more seamless cross-platform strategy across Facebook and Instagram.

Twitter is testing a Tweet-storm feature on Android
If all tests go well and it gets the green light, Twitter might be launching a new feature in Android that allows “tweet-storming” – basically publishing a string of tweets in a single sitting without interruption by other tweets. Users will be able to rant incessantly or brands who has a story of more than 140-characters to tell by stitching their tweets cohesively for easier reading and interaction. This feature may also be helpful in answering to the information density and content consumption trends of Twitter.

Lowe hacks Insta Stories with fun micro-videos of DIY home makeover jobs
This is a pretty neat use of Instagram Stories by Lowe.
Lowe’s Instagram Story campaign is made up by 64 micro-videos coming together to show the transformation of a vertical room with dimensions that match your Instagram window. Users can tap forwards and backwards to inspect the little changes they observe in the room. Have a look at it below.

Beyond being a fresh approach to using Insta Stories, it demonstrates the simplicity and swiftness of embarking on a DIY home project through the interactivity of the feature. The outcome – a home that is beautiful and Insta-worthy.