By Iggy Loh, Meili Yeo, Kristie Neo

Facebook IQ and SECTION launch new insights tool which allows brands to discover and reach new audiences
Even though this is still in the beta stage, it’s a tool worth following. The Cross Border Insights Finder helps brands search for new audience groups based on past performances on Facebook, Instagram and the Audience Network. It does this by conducting a comparative analysis over a range of indexes including potential reach, cost and competition to suggest which markets are more likely to convert. You may explore the beta version here.

The 360 degree Shopping Experience, As Told by John Lewis
John Lewis, a chain of high-end departmental stores, became the first UK retailer to use Facebook’s 360 Collection ads as part of its “Only Here” autumn campaign.
This ad format allows customers to browse products as if shopping in a physical shop in real-time from all angles. If they are interested in an item, they can visit the retailer’s website to make their purchase with simply one click. The 360-degree shopping environment was developed using video recordings captured with a group of cameras to achieve a panoramic experience.
However, what could be even better for John Lewis in future if FB allows, is for shoppers to not only browse, but make purchases via the platform directly which would bring about a more holistic shopping experience.

Create Your Own Travel Story In Tasmania
The spotlight is now on Tasmania in a new move to attract tourists to Australia. In the latest promotional campaign called “Go Behind The Scenery”, Tourism Tasmania markets the destination as a culinary escapade.
The ad gave a bold and gritty interpretation to capture the lesser-known side of Tasmania’s food and beverage stories, encouraging visitors to create their own personal stories in Tasmania. The video is beautifully produced, capturing the authenticity and essence of the culinary experience. Needless to say, we were very much drawn into the creative direction and visuals of the film. View the tourism video here.